Mission & Objective


The core philosophy of Panchasar Ideal Institute is its endeavour to instill a value system in each individual, so as to help him withstand all the tests of time. We believe that true education is training of both the head & the heart. Academic excellence is desirable but inculcating good values is the essence of education.

We take upon the task of not only raising career conscious students but also socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education to ensure that our children grow up as individuals who are morally upright, emotionally balanced, culturally integrated, socially aware and spiritually oriented.


  • To provide students comprehensive education emphasizing both on breadth and depth of knowledge;
  • Maintain high standards in all academic and administrative activities exceeding all government standards for education  in Bangladesh;
  • Complete all courses of studies on stipulated time-frames and at affordable costs;
  • Ensure a learning environment conducive to intellectual, spiritual and human formation, inter-religious harmony, gender equality, justice and peace, charity and care for the earth;
  • In line with the Education Policy of the country, promote sound human, social, moral, cultural and spiritual values through the courses of studies and co-curricular activities in order that students grow in patriotism, responsible citizenry, and become competent human resources;
  • To foster a teaching body, well disposed for good life, academic proficiency and diligent teaching;
  • Insure an atmosphere of discipline and orderliness and free from politics in all aspects of the school.
  • Promotion of research, creating new knowledge, and efficient teaching.
  • Ensuring academic excellence and innovation.