Message From Principal

“Education develops our slab of character and ameliorates skills for livelihood” -Aristotle

I remember those days when there was an inception of the Panchasar Ideal Institute. I was trying heart and soul to help the founding chairman Mr. Anwar Hossain” to givc a good format to the institution. Because of our hard labour the institute has stood quite transfigured before the eyes of the nation.  

With the help of this institute, we are imparting ideal education and technique of livelihood to the little gem. The teachers are working heart and soul to idealize the scat of education.

It is a great dream of Mr. Anwar Hossain to penetrate not only bookish education but also idealism to the students of Munshiganj through this institution so that they can be a model before the nation presenting a good civilization. We follow governmental curriculum in to-to. Along with this curriculum we have included some of our resilient views in the education system imparted by the Panchasar Ideal Institute. One day will come when there will be a slogan of idealization and technical erudition from the mouth of the learners of education. 

I can conclude by quoting from Swin Burne, “Education blesses all by broadening mind and widening outlook.” I personally welcome all the guardians and students for their participation in the programme of education by the Panchasar Ideal lnstitution to emancipate the nation from poverty, hunger. superstition and what not. 

With florescent felicitation, 
Md. Borhan Uddin 
Principal, Panchasar Ideal Institute