Panchashar Ideal Institute is a renowned and well established educational institution of Munshiganj. It is crowned with the glory of passing over two decades in the field of education arena. The institution has earned the rare prestige of being one of the top ranking Schools of Munshiganj for its outstanding academic achievements in PSC, JSC & SSC exams in the recent academic years. It was adjudged one of the best educational institutions of the district for the academic year 2017. In 2017, 2018 & 2019 consecutively the school was recognized as the best school for academic excellence. The mission of this institution is to create worthy citizens for the nation, inculcating the spirit of education, discipline and morality in the young learners and ensure a congenial environment for the students to develop themselves in the best possible way both in curricular and extracurricular realms. This institution has glorious past. It was established in 1993 by Hazi Mohammad Anwar Hossain, the former Manager of Bangladesh Shilpa Bank. Because of his intensive supervision, from beginning to till now, this academic institution is keeping its image equally remarkable in the sky of educational institution. Since its inception, the school has made significant contribution in the field of education. Besides striving for academic excellence, we lay great emphasis on all-round development of the students, specially in terms of their mental, physical moral and technological upliftment. The quality education through discipline and morality coupled with knowledge of technology, inextricable from the life of 21st century, gives our students insight to go ahead in life which will eventually lead them to their desired destination. We are totally committed to make every endeavour to improve the quality of education we impart and make this place into a center of excellence.