Dress Code

We believe that having a smart uniform helps students feel like part of something special and instills pride in the school community.

Students are encouraged to wear clean, neat clothing that is appropriate for the classroom learning environment. PII prohibits any attire which is disruptive to the educational process, learning environment, or school activities. PII also prohibits clothing which is sexually suggestive, provocative, revealing, or that contains suggestive or provocative messages that is unsafe, dangerous, or hazardous to health.

Dress Code for Primary Section: 

Our uniform builds on our reputation for smart and well-schooled students. In the Primary section, the uniform consists of a light brown polo (available in both short and long sleeves), a white pullover or cardigan and navy blue trousers or skirt.

Dress Code for High School Section:

In the secondary section, female students wear brown shirts and white skirts trousers together with a pullover or cardigan. The boys in secondary wear white shirts & trousers and a pullover. Ties and ID cards are mediatory for secondary students.

During warmer weather, all students are allowed to wear the optional Bermuda shorts that are part of the uniform collection. All students at PII  have a Physical  Education uniform which consists of a sports shirt, shorts and a track suit.

Students are encouraged to be tolerant of others and to develop healthy lifestyles. Clothing that carries a message of intolerance, obscenity, or that is demeaning, can lead to conflict, and/or is disruptive to the learning environment is not acceptable.

Students who do not meet these standards will receive consequences. Students may be required to change the offending clothing. Parents/guardians will be contacted and may be required to bring appropriate school clothing for the student. Repeated violations may result in further disciplinary action. Campus beautification or community service may also be assigned as a consequence.